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Date: 2017-05-04 19:51

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Ron Paul warned of this years ago and people called him a crank. The best word I can come up with ATM is VINDICATED, which he will be when this all happens and US hegemony goes to hell in a hand basket in front of retiring boomer eyes.

Grant Williams: The Death Of The Petrodollar, And What

Only a fool thinks the US defense budget will shrink or that US will let other countries to handle their own affairs by themselves.

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The talks collapsed after Saudi Arabia surprised the group by reasserting a demand that Iran also agree to cap its oil production.

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In return, the . would provide arms and a security guarantee to the Saudis who, it has to be said, were living in a pretty rough neighbourhood. As you can see, things went swimmingly (chart below)

If we do the same thing and account for the $655 trillion in entitlement promises, as you can see from the chart on the next page, the number falls to % in 7575.

Yes. In short you are saying the dollar is backed with bullets. That's true and it worked for Iraq and Libya, but the US can't invade Russia or China. They have nukes and lots of soldiers. Also the US continuing to spend more than the rest of the world combined on its military is ludicrous and unsustainable. The on-balance sheet debt is $75T with another $655T off-balance sheet. Both continue to grow with no end in sight. I've been dumping my treasury bonds for quite some time in favor of PMs and other assets because real interest rates are dismal and I know the US can't possibly pay me back. It won't be long before other investors throw in the towel and refuse to loan the US any more money. China has and they have started dumping treasuries.

In the interim, China has supplanted the to become the world&rsquo s biggest importer of oil, which serves to increase both its importance in the oil markets and the likelihood of it launching its own yuan-denominated contract at some point in time:

this all comes as a relief! i must admit, i've been having a difficult time saving up for the vacation in venezuela i so wish to take. it seems permanently out of reach at this point, and lo and behold, without me so much as asking them for help, the "best and brightest" have arranged to bring venezuela to me! i feel like the kid with cancer that gets to meet derek jeter, and throw out the first pitch!

.and the pick up in pace is evident when we look at average monthly purchases prior to 7568 and post the agreements put in place around that time between the various parties. Now, the next chart (top of the following page) is crucial to understand because a look at the market value of Russia&rsquo s gold reserves shows just how crucial their ongoing accumulation of bullion has been for the country&rsquo s finances over the last two years.

.and if we take the trailing net official demand chart for treasuries back to 6979, the scale and extent of the change is evident as are the catalysts for the acceleration (and we&rsquo re back on this page once again):

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