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Decaf Coffee: Good or Bad? - Authority Nutrition

Decaf Coffee: Good or Bad? - Authority Nutrition

Date: 2017-06-29 01:12

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Some of the beneficial effects of regular coffee are directly attributed to the caffeine, so decaf should not have these effects.

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A.  No, there should be enough sugar in the green coconut water to feed the kefir grains.  Old brown coconuts do not have the same effect because they do not contain as much natural sugar as the green coconuts.


7. Kefir d 8767 acqua is a mild alcoholic drink it may contain between to 8 % alcohol per volume [depending on the amount of sugar and fermentation time]. So it might not be advisable to give to small children, or animals, and one should be careful when driving a car to avoid accidents.

7. Kefir may provide other benefits: the friendly micro-organisms breakdown substances such as lactose in milk and from, this synthesize favourable substances, including lactic acid and 8775 Kefiran 8776 , a health promoting polysaccharide unique to kefir grains and to kefir. Kefiran has proven to reduce the size of certain cancers, including having anti-inflammatory properties. Certain organisms of kefir produce lactase, an enzyme which breaks down lactose [milk sugar], which provides the body the ability to further breakdown any milk-sugar [lactose] in the diet, while taking kefir with that meal.

A. As much as you feel comfortable with. Many individuals may have one cup of kefir in the morning and one at night before bed time. Some individuals enjoy a small glass of kefir before each meal. One word of caution: like yoghurt, kefir contains lactic acid bacteria which can erode the tooth enamel, so be sure to rinse your mouth with water after consuming kefir, or after consuming food which contains lactic or acetic acid.

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Coconut water is available at most good health food stores and, as its popularity continues to grow, is finding its way into many grocery stores. It comes packaged in easy-to-carry cans, bottles, and tetra paks. Tetra paks are the most convenient because you don 8767 t have to worry about them breaking. You can take them with you anywhere, even when you work out, go camping or hiking, or go to the football game. If you freeze them beforehand, they will stay cold for hours, providing you will a cool, refreshing drink later in the day.

A.   While only 8 tablespoons of water kefir grains are required to culture up to 8 quarts of water kefir, more grains will not harm the process (and we don 8767 t recommend using less grains even when making less water kefir).  However at some point, you will likely have so many grains taking up room in your brewing container that you must remove a portion of them as a practical matter (or you simply won 8767 t have much kefir available).  Extra kefir grains can be dehydrated (see above for instructions on taking a break from making water kefir) or given to friends and family.

A.  Yes, water kefir grains are reusable.  Once your kefir is finished culturing, simply remove the water kefir grains and place them in fresh sugar water, juice or coconut water.

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